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Learn how I established the vision and led a multi-disciplinary team to define the UX for Transamerica’s first responsive web design in only two weeks.


Transamerica Financial Services


Sr. UX Designer


UX Strategy, Research, and IA


.01 The Challenge

Golden Opportunity

BigRing Bike Insurance is a website that allows consumers to get an online quote and purchase bike insurance for bicycles. As Transamerica's first UX designer, I saw this as a golden opportunity to put UX into action and highlight the positive impact in could have to the organization. The most difficult challenge was time – we were only given two weeks to complete the research, definition, and interaction design.

.02 Strategy

Going Responsive

Under my leadership, we spearheaded the planning and strategy for the BigRing Bike Insurance website. We convinced the project stakeholders that responsive design was the right approach and that we invest time in learning the needs of our customers. We also identified and aligned deliverable timelines for business, UX, creative, content, development, and QA teams.

The better you understand the bigger picture, the more holistic your solutions will be.

.03 Discovery

Leading The Way

Our goal was to become the leader in bike insurance websites. We began with a competitive analysis. We discovered missing features, presented them to the business, and added them to our requirements.

We collaborated with the marketing team to identify market segments, attitudes, and consumer goals. Additionally, we surveyed cyclists and learned that they loved their bikes and talking about them. As a competitive cyclist, I was able to empathize with our user's struggles and needs. We even had an opportunity to create personas based on the discovered insights.

.04 Definition

Meeting Users' Needs

We worked closely with SEO and content strategists to define the Information architecture. We also collaborated with business teams to help us understand their goals. We translated our findings into a site map, and a crafted a conceptual model that aligned with our user's mental model of searching, getting a quote, and applying for bike insurance.

.05 Design

Usability Best Practices

Due to time constraints, our MVP had to rely on usability best practices and design patterns. Our interaction and content models capitalized on our users' passion and love for their bikes, e.g., tell us about your bike? We also worked with the development team to ensure the artifacts provided were clear, concise, and feasible and accounted for at least three form factors: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Partnering With Creative

One of our critical success factors was the completion of the landing page in one week. This milestone allowed the creative team to work in parallel with UX, which increased the speed of our deliverables to the development team.


Designing For All Form Factors

We optimized the user experience for usability, readability, and navigation across a broad range of sizes.

.06 Research

How It Tested

We wanted to benchmark the usability of the experience since we had to rely solely on usability best practices and design patterns. We created six tasks for the purpose of capturing completion rates, errors, time, and satisfaction. What surprised us the most was how well our website was testing. We adjusted the demographics to a more mature audience, and the video below was the result.

.07 Social Media

How We Promoted It

Upon launch, the social media marketing team promoted BigRing Bike Insurance on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It even made an appearance on national television as an official sponsor of the Ironman Championships.


.08 The Sweet Spot

Trailblazing UX

The BigRing Bike Insurance project was a series of firsts. The first responsive web design for Transamerica. The first project completed for the UX team. It was also the first exposure many had to a user-centric approach. This encounter was significant since they were able to observe the positive impact UX had on delivery.

My experience and a deep passion for early stage product development gave me the energy to take on the leadership role. I learned that bridging technical and business worlds was imperative to the success of the project. I was surprised that Responsive Web Design, card sort, information architecture, and UX were foreign concepts. It was at this moment when I learned that as a UX designer, I had to communicate clearly complex technical ideas, regardless of the technical capacity of the audience.

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