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POS and Merchant Product Concepts

Learn how my team of designers, analysts, and developers worked with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to conceptualize, define, and design POS solutions and Merchant products.


Total Merchant Services


UX, UI, and Mobile Manager


UX, UI, and Mobile Strategies

.01 The Challenge

Clarifying Goals

Total Merchant Services (TMS) is a leader in the merchant bankcard business that provides innovative and cost-effective merchant solutions to its customers. In my role as Manager of UX, Mobile, and UI, my team and I had to process input from multi-disciplinary teams to define scope, clarify goals and identify UX solutions for multi-channel web and mobile financial products.

.02 Strategy

Leading Multi-disciplinary Teams

I led the strategies and specifics around UX, UI, product design, and Mobile. I also directed work across teams to drive consistent execution of strategy and innovation. I created sustainable and realistic timelines and focused on traceability of requirements across the software development lifecycle.

Whether you steer a ship or charter a course, all should know the destination.

.03 Discovery

Identifying Constraints

I partnered with the product team to define the product vision, features, and requirements. I also collaborated with development and QA to understand technological constraints.

User research included focus groups, contextual inquiries, and observation activities. Key findings were that customers were not as tech savvy as presumed by the business and reluctant to change POS or merchant platforms. More importantly, user's relied on transactions as a key measure of success and expressed interest in wanting more ways to analyze them.

Since we were designing for a broad set of UI platforms including web and mobile, we researched new technologies and provided recommendations for technical product direction. This exercise included target devices, operating systems, design patterns, and versions.

.04 Definition

Defining Multi-platform Solutions

We organized our product features into two areas: Manage and Grow. We also conceptualized and defined web and mobile products and their interaction models based on platform, users' processes, and behaviors. Lastly, we ensured that features were transaction-centric and added capabilities that would enhance management of their merchant activities.

Product security was a top priority. I served as the point person between the engineering and security teams. We established secure coding guidelines and analyzed potential security gaps within proposed mobile and desktop solutions.

.05 Design

Using Metaphors

We designed a few B2B and merchant portal concepts, and a POS system and communicated them to stakeholders using prototypes, mock-ups, and wireframes. We relied on metaphors such as receipts, calculators, and signature pads for the POS system and design patterns and usability best practices for the merchant tools. I'm a huge fan of the Kano model and utilized it for the creation of interaction models.

Conceptualizing The Future

We created a suite of products that included a B2B portal that helped sales partners manage their customers.


Communicating Design

We planned, developed, and delivered a fully interactive prototype in only three days that served as a proof of concept for a custom POS system. Explore the prototype .


Merchant Products

The merchant experience was designed based on merchant expectations of being able to manage transactions, view sales and deposits, and promote their business.


.06 The Sweet Spot

Not Just Pretty Pictures

The concepts we defined and designed evolved to Groovv, a point of sale and marketing solution built to help merchants grow and manage their business. It supports over 100,000 merchants and growing.

Prior to joining TMS, their definition of UX was visual design. My primary mission was to evangelize and establish company-wide UX vision, strategy, standards, processes, and principles for mobile and web applications design and development. This effort translated into a series of firsts: multi-channel prototype, responsive web product, and focus groups. UX is now a critical process and an integral part of TMS' product roadmap and not just pretty pictures.

Discover Groovv's website .

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