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Built exclusively for Super Bowl 50, the ROAD TO 50 app allowed fans and locals to explore, schedule, and engage with Super Bowl 50 events. The app combined geo-location, beacon technology, and gamification. Here's how I led the UX effort for this project.


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UX Strategy, IA, Research, and Concepts


The Challenge

How would we create an experience that would increase fan engagement for all Super Bowl events listed below for one million+ attendees?

Super Bowl City
A way for locals and visitors to enjoy sporting world's biggest annual event.

50th Mile
A celebration of the past and future of Super Bowls through an innovative lens.

NFL Experience
Interactive football theme park offering participatory games and events.

NFL Fan Pass
A way for fans to earn event badges for a chance to win Super Bowl 50 tickets.

.01 Strategy

Introducing a Lean Approach

We had a few weeks to deliver the experience. I drew inspiration from Google Venture's 5 Day Sprint and determined that we would ideate, prioritize, and organize collaborative design sessions as our approach.

.02 Discovery

Meeting Our Fans

During our kick-off session, we reviewed the business and product goals and aligned them with user experience goals. We then performed contextual inquiries at a sport's bar during Thursday night football. The insights gathered helped us craft a mental model and a snapshot persona that we then applied to a journey map.

Customer Journey Map


.04 Definition

Meeting Fan's Expectations

We wanted to validate the mental model our fans had of the Super Bowl. I created a conceptual model that represented the mental model and tested it against fan's expectations through interviews. We also designed the information architecture using card sorts.

Screen Hierarchy


.05 Design

A Collaborative Effort

I had the responsibility of creating quick wireframe concepts based on the insights gathered during discovery and sketches created during the definition of our MVP. Our UX research team conducted validation testing for usability and findability. Once validated, the wireframes got handed off to the Super Bowl 50 host committee for completion of design, development, and deployment.

Road to 50 Experience Highlights

A schedule of events that helps fans find all the details for all Super Bowl 50 major events. These events seamlessly integrate with users' calendars for a personalized itinerary.


My Super Bowl

Gamification: fans can collect badges, unlock exclusive Super Bowl content and be entered for a chance to win Super Bowl 50 tickets.

My Super Bowl Story: the app tells the story of a fan's Super Bowl experience through the schedule they create, badges they collect, and the media they save.

Near Me

Fans can explore the Bay area including all NFL-sponsored events such as NFL Experience Driven by Hyundai, the 50th Mile and Super Bowl City presented by Verizon.


Beacon Technology

Location-based alerts: fans can stay up-to-date with all of the happenings around the area at the micro-location level.


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"But the tech we're deploying for the Super Bowl 50 is not for technology's sake. It’s for the sake of the fans."
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"...these apps are still just trial runs in the new line of developments that is integrating fans into the sports universe like never before."
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"...if you give them the technology, whether it's information [or] scheduling, it will enhance their experience whether they are from San Francisco or from New Jersey."
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