Hello, my name is Jose A. Ramirez and I'm a UX Lead from Los Angeles.


I Design For Life

I'm a leader and visionary in User Experience. I'm passionate about UX and technology. Behind every interaction, there is a human being causing it, and I want to make their lives easier and happier by providing them with the best experience possible.

My Experience

I have 12 years of hands-on experience within the health, aerospace, financial, education, marketing, energy and technology industries. Organizations I have worked with have included Toyota Financial Services, Transamerica Financial Services, Northrop Grumman, University of Southern California, and Kaiser Permanente to name a few. Below are the primary UX services I provide.

UX Design

I design for life by combining empathy with the art and science of user research. Trying to understand what makes users' experiences valuable, usable, and desirable is what drives me. But making products that truly enrich users' lives is my passion.


I love fostering environments of collaboration. I'm only as good as my team. I have a contagious "whatever it takes" personality and bring out the best in people. I'm able to lead multi-disciplinary teams through enterprise projects from vision to reality.


World-class products begin with world-class planning. I understand that product development is a confluence of diverse disciplines and creating strategies that bridge them is imperative to the delivery of superb user experiences.

A UX Designer without empathy is like a chef without a palate.

Say Hello

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please send me a message or follow me on social media.